Here at Sterntaler we love all our beautiful school horses . They are family and very well looked after. Everyone of these horses has their own personality and has something valuable to teach you.

And here they are from the smallest pony through to the biggest horse.


Brandy is our smallest pony and the little kids just love her. She is very experienced in teaching walk and trot to the tiny tots and she is great at the beach. Brandy loves pulling the cart and it is so much fun to drive behind the horse for a change instead of being on the horses back, 


Princess Fairy is just like her name sake. She is a very pretty girl that has been to many Royal Shows in her younger days. Fairy is a little bigger then Brandy and is great pony for the small beginner rider. She loves to trot around and teach the kids to stop and steer. Fairy  is also fantastic when the riders are ready to progress because this little pocket rocket loves to jump.


This little guy just fits right in. He is Fantastic with the small children and just that little bit bigger for the teenagers to have some fun on .Dash loves jumping and going to the beach.He always tries to please and has a lovely and sweet temperament. He loves being brushed and is up for a cuddle anytime . 


Bella is the sweetest girl and all beginners love her to bits. She is easy to learn to trot and canter on. She was a barrel racer in her earlier years but is know used to canter in a safe, slow  rocking horse canter. She is certainly a favorite to many of our young riders.


This guy is a little taller again and is  one of our best beginners ponies . Buddy is not only a favorite to the very young  riders ,He is also a favorite to  the smaller adults. Buddy loves cantering and jumping and also enjoys being brushed and cuddled.


This super pony is experienced to teach you to use your legs, hands and your weight in a more refined way. He is a great pony to gain experience in jumping and dressage towards competitions. He is most suitable for intermediate riders upwards.


Jack is one of our taller horses here at Sterntaler . He is great for beginner riders to learn to walk and trot on . He is also great for intermediate riders  to work on your jumping skills and your cantering. Jack is very willing and loving and always up for a brush and a big hug.


This guy is every girls dream horse. With a beautiful white star on his face and an equally beautiful personality Murphy is ready to teach Adults and children alike. He is perfect for those experienced or intermediate who can ride and want to jump and do some grid work, this guys is also a dressage superstar. This versatile horse can also be used for complete beginners  and he is known for adjusting himself down to be a slow and careful beginners horse.     


Melvin is one of our very best school horses. He is has a lovely laid back attitude and allows even the most nervous of riders to feel safe and comfortable . His preferred way of going is slow and steady and at the same time he will always try to please wherever he can. Melvin is such a patient gentle giant with a happy attitude  

Melvin loves the beach and  the dam and is a great horse to learn to canter on .


This big guy will keep you safe no matter what level you are. If your looking at learning some jumping skills he will be a great match. He can take you out to cross country clinics, and learn how to ride a nice a smooth show jump round. He is a favorite of many adult riders, he is happy to adjust himself to your level of riding . Windy is able to refine your skills in jumping and dressage as well as keep the beginner rider safe. 


Rocket has extensive experience in show jumping and used to compete in many inter school events. He is a great to refine your jumping skills and is best suited to the intermediate rider up as he is forward going. This horse loves attention including brushing and pampering in any way.


Max is one of our biggest school horses. He is is best suited to our biggest riders and is great to teach beginner adults. Max has some previous Dressage and Eventing experience. This  big guy is very good at helping you learn contact, and getting confident over small jumps.