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Here at Sterntaler we love all our beautiful school horses . They are family and very well looked after. Everyone of these horses has their own personality and has something valuable to teach you.

And here they are from the smallest pony through to the biggest horse.


Brandy is our smallest pony and the little kids just love her. She is very experienced in teaching walk and trot to the tiny tots and she is great at the beach. Brandy loves pulling the cart and it is so much fun to drive behind the horse for a change instead of being on the horses back, 


Chester is one adorable little pony. This guy is 12 yrs old and is a super little all rounder. He can do novice level dressage and is a super little jumper. He is such a good safe beginners horse being a superstar on the lunge lead, or for more experienced kids looking to learn to ride into a contact and work on there flat work or jump courses.


This little grey girl is a massive character. She is very quirky, but safe at the same time. She is great at teching the kids how to walk, trot and canter either off or on the lunge line. She loves being the pony of many firsts, first trots, first canters, first jumps and first bareback lessons.

She can be for the beginners but also for the intermediate kids that like a challenge.

This little guy just fits right in. He is Fantastic with the small children and just that little bit bigger for the teenagers to have some fun on .Dash loves jumping and going to the beach.He always tries to please and has a lovely and sweet temperament. He loves being brushed and is up for a cuddle anytime . 


Bella is the sweetest girl and all beginners love her to bits. She is easy to learn to trot and canter on. She was a barrel racer in her earlier years but is know used to canter in a safe, slow  rocking horse canter. She is certainly a favorite to many of our young riders.


Jack used to race under the name Thripenny Bit, he was not very good at racing he was too slow. He is in our medium horse range just standing at about 15.2. He loves taking care of his little riders, and is great in group lessons, always following the leader and keeping a steady rhythm that sets the pace, with Dash being his best friend.

He is so cuddly and loves to be brushed and will stand there for hours for some cuddles and carrots


Murphy has one of the sweetest stories of the lot. Martina actually got Murphy as an of the track when he was about 4 years old, He raced under the name Splendt Weekend. Martina gave him great beginning foundations for the eventing world, sold him on and now he finds his way home, as a school horse where he will happily stay for the rest of his life. He is one of the sweetest souls and will take care of the kids with great pride, making sure they are safe every ride. He is great to learn everything and anything on, giving whoever rides him a great sense of confidence.


Melvin has been with Sterntaler for the longest period of time, at 9 years this guy is a nobel professional at the school horse game. He has a lovely laid back attitude which allows even the most nervous of riders to feel safe and comfortable . His preferred way of going is slow and steady and at the same time he will always try to please wherever he can. Melvin is such a patient gentle giant with a happy attitude. He loves to be the leader of our group lessons, loves going to the beach, on the trails and in the dam.


This big guy will keep you safe no matter what level you are, he will look after you if your a beginner or an intermediate rider. With his smooth canter and consistent rythum he will give you great confidence learning to ride. He is anorher gentle giant who loves the little kids, he is safe for them to ride bareback, over small jump courses and learning to canter.

He also loves a good treat of carrots after his ride


Buzz is our newest addition to the school and he just fit right in. With his handsome good looks and sweet personaility this guy definatly captured our hearts. He is forward moving and suitated to the intermediate rider, with his soft mouth he is great at learning about the contact and easy to collect. This guy is great at poles, and small fences but his competitive nature makes us leave his jumping to the more experienced riders.


Rocket is one of our well educated school horses, wether you want to refine your jumping skills or enjoy a nice flatwork ride he is your man. He has extensive experience in showjumping and many interschool events. He has a very relaxed attitude however can be forward going which makes him one of our intermediate school horses. He loves a cuddle, a brush and is always up for some pampering, with his best friend Murphy


Kimba raced under the name Timber Lass, and has since had extensive education making her a fabulous horse for the more experienced rider. She just loves life, and thats shown by her forward moving and willing attitude. She has a beautiful sweet personality, with expressive eyes, she loves a good brush and cuddle after her rides. She is very nice into the contact, and makes for a super fun jump for the confident rider.

356565369_1282321442489046_6736387368562602942_n (1).jpg

Fort the Fight, is one of the largest school horses we have and a favorite among many. His gentle nature makes him great for beginners or for the more advanced people. He is a happy to do whatever he is asked, honestly he is happy to just walk for the lesson, go on the lunge or he is happy to have a more advanced lesson and go around a jumping course or teach you how to canter.


PPP Tricky Legs is a purpose bred warmblood, who was lucky enough to find himself needing his forever home. He is a big boy but has a kind, gentle nature and puts all his heart into his lessons. He has been trained up to medium dressage and competed elemantary. He is a great horse to learn the flatwork on, with a soft mouth, willing nature and the right amount of rhythm you'll be enjoying the sand dancing in no time. He is fantastic if your a beginner wanting to focus on your dressage or experienced wanting to get back into riding.  


Henry Muggings is our biggest school horse and our most experienced school horse. He has competed the old 2 star eventing and has spent many years on the dressage scene. He is such a fun ride with so many buttons to unlock, but has such a soft willing nature and works hard for his rider trying to figure out what is required of him. He is best suited to the dressage side of riding with his years of experience.

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