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This page is where you can meet our amazing school horses. These guys and gals are the real heroes of the place, without theses horses the place wouldn't be a riding school thats for sure. 

Brandy; Is our littlest pony and the kids love her. She is very sweet and sassy, however she will do whatever your little ones ask of her. Her heart must be the biggest part of her, because this little one is all heart.

Dash; This little guy just fits right in. He is still learning on the job what his job to do is, however he always takes everything in his stride, with his lovely and sweet temperament. He is always up for a cuddle from the kids and adults alike. 

Fairy; Princess Fairy is just like her name sake. She is a dainty sweet pony who is the perfect beginners girl. She loves to trot around, teaching the kids to stop and steer, but is also fantastic when they are ready to progress, because this little pocket rocket loves to jump.

Bella; She is a classic character to teach with and is always one of the favorites. She has a more slow than go attitude, however she used to be a cow pony, so look out, because she loves to do barrel racing on our ribbon days. She is perfect to teach all the small children to walk, trot and canter in a safe and slow way.

Buddy; This guy is the epitome of cool, one of the best beginner horses we have. He is such a cool cucumber in his whole day to day life. Buddy will do anything and everything you could ask of him, especially if it is cantering and jumping. He loves his life and is always up for a cuddle, and a cheeky carrot or two.

Jessie; This girl is for the more experienced riders. She is such a pocket rocket when it comes to jumping, leaping into the jumps heart first and thinking about the rest later. She is great for younger riders or small adults to learn dressage basics on. She is still learning her job and is slowly becoming a favourite little mare. 

Joey; Can anyone say a bad thing about this cutie? He is great for the intermediate riders, and the ones who want to learn to jump a little bit. He is a cool cucumber around the dressage arena being able to teach the riders a feeling of connection, and is still the same when jumping so you can learn how to feel that incredible connection between horse and rider. 

Our Instructors

Martina Kovacs


Martina is the founder and owner of Sterntaler Equestrian Services.


She is an accredited EFA level 1 instructor and is currently training to become a level 2 instructor. She has competed extensively in EFA eventing up to, and including 3* 3DE all over Australia. Martina is also competing her stallion 'Sterntaler Rendezvous' successfully in Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing. Martina has trained many ex-racehorses to become sensible, well loved riding and competition horses.


Martina's approach is to train and teach horses from love rather then out of fear. She works with the riders and the horses ability to improve their overall partnership. Her aim is to teach and ride towards achieving harmony between horse and rider in a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment.


She takes 'Team Sterntaler' out to competitions and has taught many riders from the beginner stage through to becoming successful competition riders.